Richard and Sara Mason 

    2005, 2006, 2011, 2012, 2014 New Zealand Rally Champions 

Richard Mason

Hometown: Masterton, New Zealand

Relationship: Married to Sara

D.O.B: 5/3/78

Occupation: Workshop Owner & Rally Driver

Hobbies: Boating, Water Sports, Snow Skiing, Tennis, Swimming, Mountain Biking, All forms of Motorsport

Who is Richard Mason? His bio of course can tell a story, but it's hard to convey the real Richard Mason via print. It's hard to describe the absolute hunger he has for victory, the total drive he has to be the best and the committment to making sure he attains the goals he sets for himself.

Richard started his journey in Motorsport as early as possible - his mother was taken to hospital to give birth to him in the last car parked in their driveway - their escort rally car.

Fast forward many years and via a lot of hard work and determination Richard begun participating in motorsport with Go Karts while he completed building his first Rally car, a Mark 1 Ford Escort.

Richard showed considerable talent from early on - immediately achieving good results. From the Ford Escort, he moved up to a new class by competing in a Toyota Celica GT4 which was his introduction to a 4-wheel drive, turbo car. He spent a year competing in this car with continued success.

This invaluable experience made Richard realise that to advance his rally career he needed a more competitive car - a full group A spec. car and so he bought a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 3, which had won the New Zealand North Island Scholarship in 1999. This was a great leap and Richard rose to the

By 2005 Richard had won many notable awards - The North Island Scholarship, Junior National Championship and already his first Rally wins.

In 2005 Richard teamed up with new and novice Co-driver Sara Randall. In their Subaru they put all their time, effort, money and passion into the New Zealand Rally Championship and won it! This helped land them a job in China driving for the GITI Rally Team for the next two Chinese Rally Championship Seasons. 

2006 was another stunner year which saw the pairing win the New Zealand championship again - this time backed by BNT Automotive. Another pairing which would soon turn into a long term partnership.

2007 resulted in a drive in Rally Japan for Tereoka Autodoor team and also a win in the prestigious week long tarmac Targa NZ event.

Many great years followed resulting in many excellent results - 3 PWRC podium's, three more New Zealand Rally Championship victories (2011, 2012 & 2014 ) as well as a 2nd place PWRC in Rally Australia 2009.

By winning the 2014 New Zealand Rally Championship Richard now stands alone as the most successful driver in the 38 year history of the New Zealand Rally Championship with 5 National titles.

The 2014 stellar season is graphically illustrated by our Special Stage Winning Strike Rate which stands at an incredible 85%. So far the four rounds have been run over 45 special stages and we have won 38 of them.

Sara Mason

Hometown: From Nelson. Now lives in Masterton, New Zealand

Relationship: Married to Richard

D.O.B: 11/1/86

Occupation: Workshop Owner & Rally Co-Driver

Hobbies: Boating, Water Sports, Snow Skiing, Pilates, Running, Mountain Biking, All forms of Motorsport

Sara was only 13 years old when she turned on the TV to see Tommi Makinen slide his Mitsubishi Evo 6 into first place to win the World Rally Championship. From that day on, her goal in life was to compete in a rally car.

With all her earnings saved, she purchased a very tired, 1974 Morris Marina to use as a paddock car - learning how to change gears all by herself. Lots of practice round the paddocks saw poor old Morris die an undignified death. 

 Two weeks before her 15th birthday, she was given a Datsun Sunny rallycar for a combined Christmas/birthday present by her parents. Christened Datty, the car had been lusted over by Sara for months prior.

Since then with huge support from many people a lot happened! including a full NZ Rally Championship campaign which saw Sara win her class at the International Rally of Rotorua and then go on to be placed second overall in the 2003  2wd NZ Rally Championship  only one point away from the leader (and eventual winner).

2005 saw Sara change her driving gloves for a route book and team up with Richard Mason. Missing one rally in 2005 due to university exams meant she had to wait until 2006 at just 20 years old to get her first Gold Star New Zealand Rally Championship victories. Together Richard & Sara have become the most successful pairing in New Zealand Rallying having won 20 rallies together by the end of 2013.

Winning the 2006, 2011, 2012 and now 2014 New Zealand Rally Championship - Sara has won 4 Co-driver titles and by winning the 2014 Rally Wairarapa now stands equal with Bob Haldane (1985 – 1997) for number of NZRC round wins at 24.